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Denture Treatment in the Lake District

Complete & Partial

Removable Dentures

A non-invasive solution to replace missing teeth

Dentures (also known as false teeth), are removable dental prosthesis that replace both missing teeth and the supporting tissues. They can be full/complete dentures, replacing all the teeth in one or both arches, or partial dentures, replacing just a number of missing teeth.

Done well, they can be an excellent option for patients with the following issues:

  • A failing, heavily restored dentition
  • Wobbly teeth from gum disease
  • Occlusal problems – be that a traumatic bite, or occlusal parafunction
  • Trauma

Dentures have a really undeserved reputation. Done poorly they can be dreadful, but done well they can be a fantastic treatment option for a lot of people.

Less invasive, cheaper, and easier to maintain than implants, they can really change people’s lives. Being deprived of teeth is debilitating, and for many people can often be considered a matter of shame. Removable dentures need not be a second-class treatment compared to fixed teeth.

Dentures can be a cost effective and minimally invasive way to replace what you have lost, including teeth, bone and gum. They can be very discreet, and don’t need to look fake!

Dentures today can both fit and look fantastic, and can be made to look like your own smile. Together with Ollie, my technician, we can try and match the position, size, shape, colour, and alignment of your teeth from before they were lost. We like to work from photos of your own smile and encourage you to get involved in their construction.

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