Oral health checks

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Oral Health Checks

Routine Appointments

We are committed to helping you maintain a healthy smile and mouth.
We cannot stress enough the importance of routine dental examinations in preventing disease and damage to your mouth.

We will assess your gums, teeth, and overall mouth to ensure all is well and healthy, and of course, answer any queries you may have for us.

At Kendal Dental Care, we believe in giving our patients the choice where treatment is necessary – and with our advice, you can make an informed decision.

We focus on prevention with our younger patients and spend time educating you and your family to ensure minimal dental problems. As children grow and develop, we will monitor their changing mouths, and if necessary arrange for treatment for tooth straightening (orthodontics) when the time is appropriate.

We do not have an NHS contract for children, but do not charge children from 0-5 years of age for their examinations. For older children we have affordable plans to allow them to receive the very best preventive care including visits to our dental therapists.

New Patients

At your first visit

you can expect:

An oral health assessment is the first stopping point on your journey to great oral health. Many people refer to this appointment as a ‘check-up’, but this visit is about so much more than just counting teeth.

About You

We will spend time getting to know you, learning about both your general health and previous dental experiences. We want to know any concerns or problems you may have along with any anxieties or fears you may have.

We want you to feel relaxed and at ease with us, and it is important that we earn your trust.

Jaw-Joint and Muscle Examination

This determines if the jaw joints and muscles are healthy and functioning properly, and includes physical tests on the jaw joint such as seeing how the jaw moves and if there is any clicking or tenderness.

Soft Tissue Examination

We will examine your cheeks, roof of the mouth, throat, tongue, floor of the mouth, and your lips. We look for any problems that you may have including ulcers and early signs of mouth cancer. Mouth cancer spotted early is much easier to treat and has a better outcome and for this reason alone we still advise six monthly visits for assessments.

Saliva Flow

Your saliva has many roles, many of which are protective. A low saliva flow may be a sign of an underlying issue, or may put you at a higher risk of other health problems.

Evaluation of Your Bite

This check determines how the upper and lower teeth function in relation to one another. This helps us to see how the teeth are aligned and if there are any problems relating to the way the teeth fit together that may be producing excessive wear, fractures, or headaches.

Gum Screening

The BPE (basic periodontal exam) is a routine part of every examination for patients 18 and older. It is a simple test specially designed for early detection of gum/periodontal disease. This is important because gum disease is still the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. Early detection means early treatment for healthier gums. Based on this assessment, we will recommend the appropriate treatment. (Put something in here about its relationship with other chronic inflammatory issues.

Examination of the Teeth

We examine your teeth and existing dental work for stains, chips, cracks, decay, malformations, excessive wear and mobility.

X-ray Examination

If necessary, we will take digital dental radiographs of your back teeth, and supporting structures of the jaws. With the aid of these x-rays we will be able to determine the presence and position of teeth and any problems such as decay, gum disease or abscesses.

It is usual for all new patients to have photographs taken plus a scan of all the teeth and supporting tissues. This is very straightforward and allows us to be able to show you a three dimensional image of your own teeth on the screen. This is very useful and helps you understand what treatment needs to be carried out and why.

Personalised Treatment Plan

After all the necessary information has been gathered we will form an ideal treatment plan that will correct any problems and prevent future ones. We will also discuss the cause of gum disease, dental decay, bite problems, the systemic links and the preventive measures that can improve your dental and overall health.

We will always spend time explaining and discussing your plan so you understand and are able to make an informed choice. If you require more time or appointments then you will have the time. We never want you to feel rushed into making a decision. We will also discuss costs, timescales, and alternatives with you.

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